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August 19, 2005

Volume 5, Issue 19

Tell the truth: a scene from a dream you had last night.


Wha' hoppen with Issue 18?

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Ah - found it. Never mind.

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I dreamt about my daughter last night.

She was standing right next to the head of the bed, on my side. Grinning. Neat little baby teeth, one missing. Poofy purple winter coat. Pink yarn mittens with the string that runs through the sleeves to mate on the other side. Matching stocking hat with wisps of her red-blonde hair drifting around her face and a braid hanging down her back.

Ready for school.

“HI!” she chirp-shouted, already giggling at waking me up.

Which I did, within my dream and without, startled and smiling.

Born three days ago, and already playing pranks

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God tells his Jedi knights if they don't stop Evil, he'll end the world. I, a Jedi, see Evil is killing everything. When all hope is lost the Jedi destroy Evil, though I don't remember how. God's pleased and will create a new Earth.

The Jedi turn on their light sabers and swing them over their heads to salute the new world. A Jedi falls. As a Jedi was swinging his saber, he sliced through the head of the fallen Jedi. God sadly turns away. I fall to my knees crying.

God closes his eyes, tears fall.
Everything goes black.

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I dreamed that I posted a story to 100 Words or Les Nessman very late yesterday evening. It was so lifelike, so realistic - I could swear I remember eating my supper late, posting a story about an old urban legend, then watching Adult Swim for about an hour or so before going to bed. But surely, it must have been just a dream, because when I woke up this morning the issue was gone from the View All Issues index, as though no topic had been posted for that day, at all. Strange, truly strange, are the things we dream!

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There is something...broken...about the way that memory and dreams interact. It can lead to delusions, lasting weeks, months, or longer.

When something happens in a dream, immediately upon awakening, it is easy to serparate dream from reality; to know that this experience did not actually happen. And this is well and good. But when you remember something in a dream, things get tricky. We seem to trust our memories more than our perceptions, and so it is possible to believe that something, even something completely ludicrous, actually happened because, while dreaming another experience you know wasn't real, you remembered it.

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