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August 24, 2005

Volume 5, Issue 24

The rest of this "boy" can be found here. Take a look at him. A bit creepy, eh? So what's up with him?

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Ted: Oh Shit, Reality Check

"You can't be serious."



"I spend so much time alone and this face really shows me something."

"It shows me you're bug fuck."

"That's not nice."

"I'm serious, this look is all wrong. It won't help I tell you. But you have me, why do you need anyone else anyway?"

"For one thing, you're always saying I'm crazy!"

"Let's examine that. You've chopped off your prick and sewn the skin back on flat, you have a maniacal look on your face, and you are arguing with your reflection in the mirror. What part of that is not crazy?"

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Michele: The Kids Aren't Alright

“Boris, there’s something just not right about our boy Jack.”
“Let’s take him to a doctor, then, Greta.”

And so the doctors examined Jack.

He wiggled around and they gave him Ritalin.
He frowned and they gave him Prozac.
He counted the buttons on his coat and they gave him Zoloft.

And some Lexapro for good measure.

They went home and waited for Jack to get better.

And Jack smiled.
He smiled big.

“He seems happy, Boris.”

Then he smiled bigger.
He smiled so much, he was never not smiling.

“Boris, there’s something just not right about our boy Jack.”


Laurence - A face no mother could love

All of John's men were dead, so he hid underneath them for cover.

Strange shadows lurched along shattered walls. Something was walking towards John, but it was with a step neither robot nor man.

John tried to remember what Mother said his father had told her about the robots. Something about...

The something wandered close to a burning barrel. Its twisted, laughing face silently peered in all directions before it shambled off.

"The 600 series had rubber skin," he mumbled to himself. "We spotted them easy."

No mother could love that face, not that the thing ever had a mother.