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May 30, 2005

Volume 1, Issue 18

We're going to do something a little different today. Because Stacy and Ted are in the middle of moving into their new home, and because today is a holiday, we're going to have an open theme today.

The regular authors may or may not post today; no Les Nessmans are necessary. I will get over a couple of times today to pull some stories out of the comments.

So you're on your own - 100 words on anything at all.

We'd also like to use this day for you - our readers - to suggest future themes. Just leave your ideas in the comments.

And please don't forget to remember those who served.

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Laurence - Rejection

Podcast of this storyDear Justice League of America,

It is with much regret that I must decline your invitation to join your esteemed organization. Not only am I an ordinary person who lacks superpowers or technological wonders to simulate superpowers, but I am under exclusive contractual obligation to the Mustard Man Brand Mustard Company.

However, should the world be under attack by mustard-vulnerable alien invaders, much like the Martians in the "War of the Worlds" story were fatally vulnerable to the common cold virus, then please do not hesitate to call upon me through my numeric pager.

Mustard Man

Enclosed: sampler package.

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Michele: Propane and Propane Accessories

Last Monday in May. Game on.

Carl opened the can of lighter fluid and inhaled deeply to get rush of summer memories.

Fwoomp. The fire roared, cackled, settled down.

Brad peered over the fence and pointed toward his $1000 gas grill. “Look at what I got this year, lameass!”

Carl grinned, dropped two burgers on his grill, and watched the meat sizzle.

Then, the familiar sounds of Brad’s cookouts:
click click click

mumbled curses of frustration

By the time Brad tried to show off his well-done steak, Carl had already eaten and cleaned up.

Carl 1, Brad 0


From the Comments: Keiran

The storied Greatest Generation
Who battled dark oppression and foul tyranny
Now contend with cancer operations
Glaucoma, arthritis, asthma, and other malady.

As once they walked with heads held high
As all the people cheered their courage and unmatched humility
So now they are stooped by age, and die
Quiet are the people; our heroes lost in anonymity.

But when for a moment, a moment’s pause we find
Amid the chaos of life’s inconvenience
Perhaps we might turn our grateful hearts and minds
To those who offered their whole selves in liberty’s defense
And for them hold a moment’s reverence.

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